The summer 2022 DocuLab is a ten-week partnership between Haverford and the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc), a network of 1000+ film professionals that works to increase the visibility and support of Asian Americans in the documentary field. The Impact Lab will focus on an emerging field of filmmaking–impact producing–which harnesses the unique power of film to bolster social justice goals. Impact producing is a strategic practice that mobilizes filmmaker-community partnerships to bring about change through shifting cultural narratives, changing attitudes and behaviors, activating grassroots movements, and targeting power-holders. 

DocuLab is a five year donor-funded program that develops student-faculty documentary work in Haverford College’s VCAM facility. For the first time, this year’s DocuLab will involve not only a faculty film but two additional films selected by partner A-Doc. This is a first for A-Doc as well, and constitutes an exploratory program as part of its newly launched Impact Initiative.  

For ten weeks, five student fellows will immerse themselves in the emerging field of impact producing by joining the team of one of three Asian-American directed documentary films working to maximize their social justice impact. The Lab will provide students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and professional development training in the fast-growing field of impact producing, expertise in film distribution and marketing (rarely taught in filmmaking courses), and connections to a wider professional network of filmmakers.

This 2022 DocuLab was conceived of by filmmaker and Haverford professor of Anthropology and Visual Studies Emily Hong, and developed in partnership with the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc)’s Impact Lab Working Group members Gerry Leonard and Rahi Hasan, A-Doc Manager Lailanie Gadia, and Impact Lab Coordinator Kanani Koster.

Header Image: Asian American Documentary Network members attend an immigrant rights protest in Atlanta. Photo: Brad J. Bennett.