DocuLab is a donor-funded five-year program that will develop student-faculty documentary work in VCAM.

Students will spend ten weeks both on campus and in the field developing documentary projects, working with faculty, visiting filmmakers, and technicians. Taking advantage of the new filmmaking spaces and equipment in VCAM, the initiative builds on the College’s successful Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellows Program (WAKECapitalish) and the Hurford Center’s Tuttle Summer Arts Lab (The Pool Movie Project).

Contact: James Weissinger, Associate Director, Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities and VCAM Operations Manager

Image: Hilary Brashear ’13, Dan Fries ’15, Gebhard Keny ’14, and Sarah Moses ’16 take video footage as part of the Interdisciplinary Documentary Media Fellowship following Professor Helen White, her students Alana Thurston ’17 and Chloe Wang ’17, and their research on the effect of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, US. Photo: William Colgin.